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We are a Dutch family of six living in Salt Lake City where we enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. We grew up and lived in The Netherlands where separating trash and bringing your lunch and grocery bags has been the norm for years.

Having your groceries bagged for you in ten or more plastic bags is something we can’t accept. Although it gets promoted more, we hardly see customers bring their bags. We noticed that the bags you can buy in most stores are not that sturdy and often still made of plastic. This is how our search for a good grocery bag began.

We are also used to bringing our drinks and lunches in reusable containers. Our children brought their snacks and sandwiches to school in reusable containers since Preschool (there are no cafeterias in Dutch schools). Now they are all teens and still prefer to bring lunch in their containers.

Since we have been using reusable products for so long, we know what works and what doesn’t. You want to buy good quality that will last a very long time. If you choose well you only have to buy once.

All our products come from sustainable sources, preferably U.S.A. made, otherwise made fair and safe overseas, organic if possible, vegan, no animal testing, packaged and shipped without plastic.

Over the years we did build up a nice collection of reusable products and healthy products without plastic. Every week we have some paper and recyclable plastic we throw away and only one garbage bag with trash. Not bad for a family of six.

The Green Bundle About Us Page Back Pack PictureWe did the work for you, buying and testing a lot of products and you will find our favorites on our website. Note that our Critical Teen Team tested all the products. Products that did not get a positive vote from the Team did not make our store. For example, a food container that was to thin or difficult to close.

Suggestions are appreciated. Please let us know if you are looking for a specific product group. We will keep looking for more products that will be useful in our effort to reduce waste.

We hope more of you will hop on board and that we will produce less plastic trash together. Know that this is a process and will take some time. Email us with your questions, every mail will be answered!


Iris Olde Bijvank

Founder of The Green Bundle


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