Meet the Founder

Iris Olde Bijvank

Founder of The Green Bundle

Iris Olde Bijvank Founder of The Green Bundle online shop

A nature lover, health-conscious, and being committed to a greener world, Iris is always searching for better ways to live more sustainably. With her background as a National Park guide and having been educated in health sciences combined with her independent research and living an active lifestyle, Iris has built a great knowledge base to assess what is good for the planet and its people. As a mom of four practical experience with many home products came naturally. She has found that most green products did not live up to her expectations and also discovered that family and friends have faced the same challenge. This resulted in The Green Bundle. "We know there are more eco-shoppers who spend hours online to search for high-quality products that are produced in a way that is good for workers, environment, and your own body. We aim to provide a one-stop-shop with products that work!" Besides looking for the best eco-products out there, Iris loves to spend time with her family, hike, ski, read, and try new vegan recipes.


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