Organic Crazy Body Bar
Basic Bars Soap Crazy Bar
Basic Bars Soap Crazy Bar
Basic Bars Soap
Basic Bars Soap

Organic Crazy Body Bar

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This Organic and Vegan Soap Bar is very colorful and to be used in various ways. In the shower, at the sink, take it with you if you go camping for the dishes and your clothes. In the bar, you will find little pieces of all the other Basis Bar Soaps.

The bar is moisturizing your skin.

Ingredients: Made with Saponified oils of Organic (sustainably & responsibly sourced) Palm, Organic Olive, Organic Coconut, Organic Castor, Organic Macadamia nut, Kukui nut and various size chunks of all other Basic Bars soaps.

Basic Bar Soap is a small family-owned business that makes these wonderful Organic bars. Every ingredient is picked carefully and serves a purpose: to nourish, protect, or help your skin heal.

All products used are organic, vegan, made sustainable, responsible and eco-friendly. No animal testing and packaged in recycled paper that is biodegradable or can be recycled again.  

Made in the U.S.A.

These bars are good for the body and planet!

We love the Basis Bar Soaps they feel very rich on your skin. Approved by our critical teen team! They all have their bar, the activated charcoal is used to fight acne.

The bars are so moisturizing that you might start using less lotion or even don’t need it anymore at all.

How to use the Basis Soap Bars: Store the bars outside the shower. They last much longer if you keep them dry. We place them on a soap dish lined with an old towel that I cut in the same shape. Our Shampoo bars lay in the same dish. Our teens put their bars on a washcloth outside the shower.



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