Organic All Natural Unpeeled Loofah Sponge
Organic All Natural Unpeeled Loofah
Organic All Natural peeled Loofah Sponge
Moonbeam Farm

Organic All Natural Unpeeled Loofah Sponge

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You will love this soft Organic Loofah. Can you believe a fruit will turn into a wonderful sponge?

This natural fruit is easily made into 3 Loofah sponges. Soak overnight and peel the skin off. Rinse and cut. 

Use it in the shower or for dishes.

It is great for cleaning, it does not scratch and the possibilities are endless. Think of dishes, countertops, stove, windows, cabinet doors, bugs from your car, clean your shoes, etc.

It is also exfoliating the skin, good to remove dead skin and stimulate your blood circulation.

Let it dry between usages. To sanitize let the sponge sit in cleaning vinegar or white vinegar overnight. Rinse off with hot water.

Organically grown in the U.S.A.

Dimensions: between 12 and 14 inches long.

At the end of life, you can compost or bury it in the yard.

The Organic All Natural Loofah sponge is also available. This sponge is ready for use.

The MoonBeam Farm is a family-owned organic farm in northern California. They grow Loofah and Lavender. All Organic, so no pesticides or chemicals used. 

I am so glad I found them, it is really hard to find Organic Loofah. 

The sponges are the fruit of the Loofah plant, which is a family of the cucumber.

Loofah can be used as a sponge in the shower and to wash dishes, windows, etc.

You have the option to buy a whole Loofah Sponge still in the skin. It is very easy to peel the skin after soaking it for a night in water and then you can cut the sponge in 3 parts.

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