Twin Pack Scourers
Twin Pack Scourers

Twin Pack Scourers

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You will never go back to regular sponges if you tried these scourers.

Easy to clean with and you can use them all over the house. So helpful when scrubbing pans or cleaning the bathroom, makes these tasks go quicker and effortless. 

The bristles of these Scourers are made from sustainably farmed coconut husk's which is the outside of dried coconuts. The scourers are non-scratch, very suitable for non-stick pans, dishes, countertop, and stove but be careful on plastic as scratching may occur.

The compostable round scourers feel comfortable in your hand they are not rough on your skin.

Being naturally antibacterial and free from toxic chemicals makes it a great choice for your dishes.

The first few uses some fibers and dust can fall out this is normal. Store dry after use.

To clean the brush it is best to put the scourer in cleaning vinegar or white vinegar overnight. Rinse off with hot water. Vinegar is antiseptic and natural.

Take a look at our other brushes in this line, see picture.

Dimensions: 4 inches in diameter

Compost at the end of life.

Ecococonut is a company that makes sustainable and compostable household products from 100% plastic-freeand recycled materials. The wood they use for the dish brushes is from a rubber tree. The trees are used in a plantation to source the rubber and at the end of life, the tree will be replanted. The wood of the old tree is used for the handles of these brushes. What a wonderful way to make the handles! The wood is FSC certified. The bristles are made from sustainably farmed coconut husk's which is the outside of dried coconuts.

The plantation and manufacturer are situated in Sri Lanka, they won multiple awards for being the number one manufacturer for Fair Trade, safe working conditions, and sustainability. 

Ecococonut packages and ships plastic free and they use recycled materials for shipping.

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